We are pleased to announce the following keynote presentations for our 2019 conference:


The 26th June will open with a roundtable discussion on Foucault, philosophy and problematisation, featuring Claudia Stein (Warwick), Amadeo Policante (Warwick), Stuart Elden (Warwick), Daniele Lorenzini (Saint-Louis – Bruxelles) and Martina Tazzioli (Swansea). The roundtable is generously supported by the Centre Michel Foucault.



The 27th will then feature a roundtable discussion of crisis in philosophy and other disciplines, chaired by Miguel de Beistegui (Warwick) and in association with the collective project Philosophy in a Time of Crisis (

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On the closing day of the conference, we are also pleased to feature a keynote presentation on Potentially, Relationality and the Problem of Actualisation from Andrew Benjamin (Kingston/University of Technology, Sydney).